Why is there a war in syria?

i want to know why. i haet really watched the news in years and want someone to explain to me why there seems to be too many problems there


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  • Well it's really complicated and my opinion will have some bias so be warned.
    Have you heard of the Arab Spring? It's pretty much people rising up against Arab dictators all over the Middle East (with US help of course most notably Libya). In Syria it was just protests at first but then a group known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) decided to fight Assad and create a democracy (or so they claimed). The US supported the FSA sending weapons and training it's fighters. However the FSA turned out not to be as good as everybody hoped. They used chemical weapons against the Assad regime and started brutally murdering their enemies. Assad's forces also commit war crimes but not to the extent of the FSA. Eventually members of the FSA began to form a new movement calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) . They are a combination of every Muslim extremist group and former soldiers of Sadam Hussein's army. ISIS or as I prefer to refer to them Daesh (since they hate this name) take the Qu'ran too literally. Executing gays, raping women, torturing and brutally murdering those who oppose them and post it online. They are so bad that the US is leading a coalition against them which is bombing their positions. And then there are the Kurds who are a group of locals fighting Daesh and hope to create their own country. They are supported by the US.

    • wow, thanks so much!
      i wonder why the arab spring came about... i have a lot of researching to do, but thanks for the quick and concise over view

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    • Thank you for the opinions

    • Thanks for MHO

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