Do people realise that Arabic aren't that easy?

When people who find that quran orders killing I find there verses are not fully correct and as for the English quran that's a translation of its meaning it isn't as the Arabic quran quran can't be in another language and this pic may show how one word could mean a lot of things
Do people realise that Arabic aren't that easy?


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  • Yeah, Al-Arabia Al-Fusha (modern standard Arabic), is really hard, it requires years of learning even for the native speakers themselves. I have more of these :p

    King = مٓلِك
    Angel = مٓلٓك
    Owned = مٓلٓكٓ
    Property = مُلْك


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  • I'm not an expert, but complex books (like the Bhagavad Gita, or the Quran or the Bible) are not usually translated word-for-word, they usually have annotations that explain the connotations of the ideas expressed. So long story short - don't worry - no one who really wants to read the Quran will get the wrong idea. On the other hand, no one who WANTS to get the wrong idea will actually read anything - it might disturb their preconceived ideas.

    • U am not discussing the quran u am saying about the language

  • prisoner = أسير
    i walk = أسير

    • Yeah 😃 r u Arabian

    • Yes, i am.
      The verbally transmitted record of the teachings, deeds and sayings of the prophet Muhammad "Peace be upon him" = سُنة
      Drowsiness = سنة
      the established way = سُنة
      Year = سَنة

    • That's nice 😃

  • Yeah, that's why I don't try to learn it and stick with English.

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