Should we play a game?

you ask me alll questions you wonder. i'll answer them honestly!! but i'll do that anonymusly, because even if u ask so private i'll answer (except for things too personal).

shall we play?

what an entertaining site!! isn't it? :P


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  • Im confused, but ok ill bite
    What's your username?
    Why are you doing this?
    What kind of questions were you expecting?
    Why can't I fly?

    • Why didn't you answer any :'(
      Haha but thabks for mh :)

    • my user name is personal, that's why i dont read other questions at all.
      when it comes to why i do this, it's for fun :)
      i was expecting alllllllll kind of question :) nothing specific.
      you cannot fly unless you get into a plane :)

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