Greek life: Yes or no?

I'm going to college in 9 days, nine freaking days I'm so excited, and they have opportunities for greek life and shit.

Now I plan on joining a fraternity but definitely not my freshman year. Sophomoe year, however, I plan on it. But I might do it my freshman year if it's worth it.

Is it even worth it though? Like I'm outgoing enough, so meeting new people and making friends shouldn't be too difficult. I plan on doing lots of clubs already and joining organizations, with my main motivation being something more to put on a sheet when I apply for graduate school. Also, I wanna meet people! My personality is apparently a huge reason why I get along with tons of different groups, like I don't judge you so long as you don't judge me and we can be buddies like you see on Barney or whatever (okay not that close, but get me?). I wanna party too, cause it's college and I should have some fun. I am also living in dorms, if that's even relevant.

The downsides are drinking of course, I heard there's LOTS of that. I also can't deal with doing stupid, like really stupid, shit. I also can't deal with the types of guys that use a girl, and I am told many guys in fraternities do that. And, finally, I heard it's like you can't do shit without the guys most of the time, like you're both committed and stuck with them almost 24/7 and I can't deal with that.

So with all that being said, should I go for it anyway? And what are some tips for a freshman entering?

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  • Study abroad to Greece? Just say fraternity lol, I don't even know why they still bother with the Greek life/Greek week stuff it's confusing bc the letters are Greek but i don't think the principles are so much anymore. You're gonna do stupid shit that's just a give and you should be prepared to put up with a lot of personalities. Follow four or more people around without question like you're some sort of mindless drone. On the better side I guess depending on who you align with and what the organization offers you'll get to be an overglorified alum and probably have a cushy job set up for you after you graduate.


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  • I voted "C", because it's completely up to you.

    I've never lived in a fraternity house in my entire life. I was affiliated with a fraternity, due to being on the Dean's List, so it was an academic merit fraternity affiliation, not an actual "frat."

    As far as fraternity men being "drunk idiots", that can be said about a lot of guys, not just guys living in frats. Actually, people in general who never go to college find themselves more involved in substances than people who attend college (which makes sense, since college forces you to FOCUS and stay academically eligible to avoid probation." Don't believe the ignorant college stereotypes you see in the media.

    So, everyone would expect me to despise Greek Life, but I won't. If you want to join, go ahead.

    Personally, I never joined because living on campus AND paying to live in a fraternity is WAY too expensive, not to mention I got along with my parents just fine and I didn't mind living with them. Plus, you can make friends ANYWHERE-Not solely in a fraternity.


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  • I went to uni in Canada and our frats tend to be a lot tamer and less douchebaggy than the frats that I hear about from the US. I hung out with a bunch of guys from one of the frats at my uni, as their frat house was like three houses down from my place, and they were chill guys.


What Guys Said 2

  • " I plan on doing lots of clubs already and joining organizations, with my main motivation being something more to put on a sheet when I apply for graduate school."

    That's a mistake a lot of people do. You might end up biting off more than you can chew. I'd recommend just join one or two things at once. Some people just join a million different things and get overwhelmed and do bad in school as a result. There's a lot of different types of fraternities and some are dry houses (no alcohol). You just have to go to all of them and see where you feel you fit. But they also have to like you and give you an invitation to join. The party scene also depends on the college you're going to. Fraternities aren't all bad but it depends on where you're going.

    • I meant over the years obviously, I'm not gonna be a crackhead signing up for 10 clubs in a semester lol.

      And I already know three people who are really considering the same fraternity and said I should consider it as well. I said maybe.

  • Pretend to rush, get free alcohol, don't join because they're useless and you'll be able to get into parties anyway.