So, what's your opinion on Alphabet?

For those who have heard, I'm talking of abc. xyz

For those who haven't, well Google has announced it's making a new holding company called Alphabet. Google will be a subsidiary of that. Under Google you will still have ads, search, maps, YouTube, Android; you know, the stuff that's considered more core. Alphabet will enable them to make other things like Nest, Google X (you know, the X labs that are famous for moonshot projects), Calico and other non core things.

So, thoughts?

  • I think it's a great idea, give independence to other divisions and let them try to blossom
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  • I think it's horrible, just a conglomerate who won't be able to properly focus
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  • Dude, the hell are you smoking?
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  • Man, screw Google
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  • They seem to have given up on not being evil rather quickly.

    • Lol you sure it was Alphabet that made you think this and not something from earlier? Cause there's stuff earlier that broke that motto too

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  • I was reading about this last night. Apparently its better.

    They were praising this indian dude who's made a lot of good easier changes to Google

  • I do not understand why they try to link everything. In this way users have to use one of them in order to connect one.
    I am not a fan but apparently it is a thing in virtual world.

  • Ummmmm

    You're smart and I like alphabet soup.

  • Seems unnecessary.


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