Guys on here who vent about never being able to get a date/gf, don't you realize?

That your struggles are only understood by you? The majority of gag won't be able to understand your struggles because either they have never been through it so when you vent on gag, its like talking to a brick wall or a doorknob. And why would you vent on here any way? All you're going to be told you're a "fake nice guy" "whiny" "unconfident" "bitter", "misogynistic", and its always your fault. You can't expect people who take their dating success for granted (most do but not all do) to understand. You have to develop a "I don't give a fuck if I can get a date/gf or not I'll be alright" attitude. Dating is overrated and I know you've been brainwashed by society into believing that its the best thing in life, but you have to get out of that deceitful brainwashing because that's so far from the truth.

I guess this question is too much lol!!!


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  • Its not a quick fix of attitude adjustment when theere are other factors involved in why they can never find a girl.

    • Yeah they're physically unattractive even though people lie and tell them its 1,000% personality and confidence.

    • Lol yes they do.

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