Anyone else go through their quarter life crisis?

I think I'm finally accepting my age being 22. I had a devastating breakup and lost my career at the same time. I had to start from scratch.. now I'm a year into college earning my engineering degree and have actually become more attractive than I have ever been before. I feel great and I'm honestly excited about life getting into my 30s.. 40s.. growing up and getting into amaxing career. Plan to eventually marry and have a child. It feels great.

I was really jaded for a while and when all that stuff went down. I would think wow I wasted my youth.. what yourh.. being a teenager isn't that great lol. Your mind is still developing and it's awkward. You don't know who you are yet. I'll never forget teenage love though. Was for sure one of the best times of my life. I'd I'm feeling good guys. If anyone has gone through a quarter life crisis just know everyone acts like they got it all together but all of us twenty somethings are far from it.


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  • im going through a 16/3 life crisis and im 15!

    • Oh trust me you got a long ways to go lol. Enjoy the ride.

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