What is more painful (Any kind of ball crushing isn't included)?

Few days ago my friend got little cut by a metal sheet. I comforted but she was moaning way too much. So I just said in light manner that it's nothing, just a simple cut (it was!). Then she angrily and in totally bad manner replied that "We women give birth to children and that's most painful thing in world. You men are *beeps* and don't know a *beep* thing about pain *blah blah blah*"
This annoyed me a lot because that was just a simple cut. Anyway, that made me curious. Is childbirth really more painful than my most painful experience?

About 12 years ago when I was 11, I got into an accident. I was taken to nearby hospital and I had an operation on my leg. Surgeon didn't gave me any anaesthetic. And those 40-60 minutes are still most painful moments of my life. I had one more without anaesthetics but it was just stitches and it was less painful & couple of more were done after giving me anaestetics. I've got hit twice on balls by cricket ball in ball crushing balls moment. Very painful and I couldn't stand up but still it was nowhere near the pain of that operation.

*I know every childbirth is different and everyone feels different amount of pain. Just answer as per your experience.
*I know there are more painful things than these two. I just want to know about these two situations.

--> This question is mainly aimed at women who have gone through both painful experiences of operations without anaesthetics and childbirth.
Anyway all GAG members are welcome to answer about what they believe.

  • Operation without anaesthesia - I've experienced it.
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  • Child birth - I've experienced it
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  • Operation without anaesthesia - No experience but I believe it is more painful
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  • Child birth - No experience but I believe it is more painful
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  • child birth without painkillers.


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