Do lucky charms exist?

Well i got this stuff from Japan, i can't afford to lose it. i bring this item everywhere i go. It's just a small cute plushie with a picture of an anime guy but this means a lot to me. whenever i sleep, i will place my plushie on my hand and place my hand under my pillow. And whenever i woke up with the plushie still below my pillow, i will always get good luck. No punishment from the scary teacher at school, and so on. But one day, when i woke up from my sleep i saw my plushie on the floor. I must've accidentally pushed it to the floor while sleeping. And at school, my scary teacher got mad at me in front of the whole class. It's so embarrassing. this is bad luck. it's like whenever my plushie fell i will have bad luck but when it still stays under my pillow, i got good luck

I wonder if good luck charms like a plushie is true, or am i just overthinking stuffs too much.


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  • its not true.