Any good books for someone interested in Sci-Fi/Fantasy?

Other than Tolkien lol. Read and reread his books so much I practacly have them memorized!


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  • A Song of Ice and Fire... I love the series!!


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  • The Dune series is very good, just avoid the Butlerian Jihad prequels (the House prequels are okay IMHO but that's not a popular opinion) and don't go too far past the original books written by Frank Herbert himself.

    I'm also a big fan of Larry Niven's Known Space universe, especially the collections of stories set in it by other authors known as the Man-Kzin Wars.

    It's also hard to go wrong with some Arthur C. Clarke.

    • I read the first three Dunes and liked them. I couldn't get into the fourth one though. Fast forwarding centuries, and changing everything, I just couldn't get into it.

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    • I read one a while ago think it was Atreides. I don't know if this was from the same book or harkonen, but it was because one of the bene gesuits gave him an std. Also, I don't think they were as good as the first 3 anyway.

      There haven't really been many good authors in the genre as of the past few years that I have heard of. I wonder why. You'd think with all the advancement in technology lately there would be an equal explosion of Sci fi/Fantasy possibilities!

    • I read a theory that people are too focused on reality or making a quick buck to dream of a future among the stars now. Certainly, as a creative person myself, I find myself frustrated that:
      -the books everyone talks about are bilge like DaVinci Code or 50 Shades of Grey
      -sci-fi is being targeted at the obnoxious Facebook meme crowded, hence the beautiful young people angle taken by Doctor Who, Star Trek, Hunger Games and Divergent (the latter two being identikit teen girl romance fantasies that happen to be in sci fi dystopias)
      -any good authors have to clamour their way to the top of the morass of godawful fanfiction writers and even then stand little hope of being noticed.

      I suppose it's a bit sci fi that the internet is destroying everything we knew, but not in the way we expected!

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