I want to learn how to dance what's the best dance to learn or dances that will come in handy?

I don't really care about the club scene but I'm 27 getting to the age were I should know how to dance incase of a wedding... birthday... est. what are good dance style to learn so I'm not that guy standing by the bar while I sadly turn down woman (I've done it... since I have two left feet :( )


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  • Dancer Starter Pack! :)
    1. Confidence
    2. Rhythm
    3. Passion

    The steps and moves will naturally come later. It also helps if you've studied music because you can utilize the terms written in sheet music to emphasize your dance moves. For example, legato and staccato: drag out the movement or make it very concise and short. When you are doing a dance, always be quick on your feet to transition to the next set of steps the same way a football or basketball player is energetically ready to move. As a beginner, it's really best for you to start off in the privacy of your home, feeling the music and getting comfortable with moving your body so that you don't step into a studio, get anxious, and want to hide away! First thing you want to do when you listen to music is capture the rhythm; focus on the beat of the drums and pay attention to whether it's in 2/4 or 4/4 time because that will determine how fast you should move. Honestly if you just want to dance for weddings, learning how to do the cha cha slide, salsa, two-step, and the wobble, as well as just simple grooving to the music is good enough :)


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  • The main thing is to just be loose, have fun! A big problem many people do is that they worry too much about being "good" at dancing! It's supposed to be loose, goofy, and fun!

    I have personally noticed that when I lost weight, I started enjoying dancing more, not because of a boost of confidence.

    But because I felt more loose and flexible!



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