Does anyone here suffer from seizures and PTSD or know someone that does and do you know of helpful remedies that do not require a doctor?

I am trying to find out what works and doesn't work, my fiance is a vet and barely sleeps at night and has seizures occasionally from being shot in the side of his head. He has PTSD which causes him to have flashbacks and sometimes they bring seizures on. I am looking for advice on how to help him any way I can.


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  • If your fiance had suffered from anxiety, then it would be tolerable because normal anxiety dis-orders can be dealt with without medication or doctors using natural remedies, methods and habits to ease the anxiety.

    However, PTSD or Seizures is anxiety on a whole new level and is very severe especially when it starts affecting your sleep and activities throughout the day. This type of severe case needs to be reported to a doctor, psychiatrist or therapist because i don't see a way for him to get out of this without professional help at the moment although natural remedies and special methods can offer assistance (short term).

    For normal anxiety, methods such as:
    1. Taking relaxing baths
    2. Breathing exercises (very important, never underestimate oxygen)
    3. Special herbal extracts that help combat stress (one is called 'rescue' and comes as a form of over-the-counter medicine)
    4. Daily exercise
    5. Healthy balanced diet
    6. Spending time outside and engaging in social interaction.
    7. Avoid caffeine and video games or movies or any artificial visual stimulants

    • Thanks for responding! His symptoms appear worse if he hits his head, this past week he had a seizure four days in a row, most weeks he has none as long as I keep things structured and simple for him when he's home. I try to maintain a stress free environment for him, feed him well and I give him back rubs which seems to help. Thank you for recommending the Rescue supplement, I'll look into that! as far as social interaction goes, he hates going out in public so we rarely go anywhere except to shop or pay bills. Crowds, busy places, etc are a definite no no. Its sad for me to see him go through this, holidays are definitely hard on him, he can't watch fireworks or look at Christmas lights without flooding, because he becomes child-like and I have to guide him :( when its really bad I just want to wrap my arms around him and never let go,

    • by the way no offence to the opinion owner, but none of these work. Without being analyzed by a team at a hospital, these things could just make you worse.

    • @princessofpersia

      Have you actually tried any of those?

      I'm talking from personal experience and infact, those methods HAVE helped me drastically even to the extent of being allowed to withdraw from prescripted medication.

      Even if one of those may not work (for you ofcourse) your statement of 'NONE of those work' is and always will be false. These methods are widely used and are being utilized due to the fact that research has been done to conclude that the methods listed do lead to anxiety reduction.

      Any more challenges?

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