I hate that i'm weak and scared of a lot of things?

I'm scared of the dark, spiders, ghosts, going to new places, talking to boys etc, and i feel like i'm emotionally and physically weak.. I cry at movies that aren't even that emotional, i cry whenever i call my mom when i'm at camp because i miss her and feeling homesick even when i'm almost 17, i can't lift heavy things, i can't fight back like other girls my age do, like they lift each other and i can't freaking carry a five year old. I don't know why i feel this way and how do i stop it.


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  • I think you need to explore your mind and try to find the reasoning behind these things because I definitely think it's some sort of mental barrier of some sort that's preventing you or keeping you back.


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  • Do what Edward did. Have your lover and her granddad die due to the attacks of an evil knight, then learn a couple of songs on your harp.

  • Get a boyfriend. ...

    • What would that have to do with my question?

    • He can lift things for u, sleep with u so u wouldn't be scared of dark anymore, a shoulder to cry on... such crazy things. .

    • I dont have the confidence to even talk to guys and im a religious girl so i wouldn't just sleep with anyone lol but thanks for the advice.

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