What's this kid's problem?

i met this kid named brandon a few weeks ago on the first day of class. we're seniors in high school. he is super loud but we never talk.

he sits in front of me on the left. so one day we were supposed to pass up our homework but the guy directly in front of me was talking to his friend so that guy didn't see me, but brandon looked at me so i just handed the papers to him instead but he didn't take it immediately he looked at me for like 3 seconds before taking it.

another time, the teacher was assigning partners and he called my name then branden's name and he whispered "me." and looked towards my direction.

i didn't think anyting of it until recently because he's been looking at me in class and occasionally he even turns his head to the right and looks at me...


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  • He's called Brandon, that tells you everything you need to know, it's just as douchey as Chad or Zander.

    • lol i don't think his name can tell you anything...

    • Why are Brandons, Chads and Zanders usually such dickheads 9 times out of 10 then? lol

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  • He likes you. or is a psychopath... take your pick

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