Tell me a little bit about youreself?

a little bit about me my name is Masi i am japenses i am 20 years old i am 6'6 and weigh 225 pounds. i was born in tokyo japan and moved to anchorage alaska when i was 12 years old. i started playing football when i was 12 when i moved to alaska. during high school i played football, basketball and baseball. i was a wide reciver in football a point guard in basketball and a centerfielder in baseball. i graduated from eagle river high school in 2013. i am currently attending Kwansei Gakuin University in japan where i play football and baseball there. i am also studying economics there. i have been dating a girl now for two years. my main intrests are football and baseball and weightlifting and running. i am also a huge math nerd and love math and science. i also love comic books and movies and i am right now really into video games. i also love to watch tv. i speak two languages English and japense and i am learing how to speak german since my girlfriend is german. i also have a brother and two sisters. and i am writing a crime fiction book and also love to read crime fiction. so enough about me tell me a little bit about you


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  • Name: Monae
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 150
    Home: Chicago
    Sports: Football and Volleyball
    HS: Still attending
    Interest: Writing
    Class: Creative Writing
    Free time: TV, movies, video games, music, GAG
    Siblings: 3 bros 2 sis
    Story: A girl/superhero that saves other girls from sexual predators


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  • My first name is Blue
    My last name is Max
    I was married to the best woman on the planet but I had to watch in helpless agony as she withered and died from stomach cancer (which is often without symptoms until it's too late, as was her case)
    I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area
    I love to sail, and it's a close second to sex in terms of my favorite activity.
    I pretend to play the piano
    I am childless and will die that way, which is sad for me at times
    I am an elementary school teacher. I love my work because my work loves me
    I attended CSUDH, who counts Rodney Allen Rippy as its most esteemed alum.
    I particularly enjoy teaching science. I owe this to my father, who made me fall in love with the natural universe.
    My wife was much loved by her students (and I can't blame them) and she made me love the cello a lot
    When my wife was dying, she told me she wanted me to remarry, but I honestly wanted to die with her.
    When my wife passed and my student's little sister learned the news, she said, "Don't worry. I'll marry you." She is the sweetest little girl I know.
    There are tears in my eyes demanding to be shed right this very instant.


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  • Wow you are tall! Especially for a Japanese guy.

    My name is Abby. I am 20 years old, am 6ft, 125 lbs. I was born in Pittsburgh PA of Swedish and Italian descent. I currently live in Virginia and am a camgirl. I speak English and a little Italian. All I really want out of life is weed, wine, cuddling, fucking anf watching Netflix lmao. Also I would love to be a makeup artist and can create some bad ass special FX looks

    That was fun

  • See my profile :P

  • I'm 16 my name is Amanda and I live in Texas. My favorite color is purple. I can be really shy at time. I have gone to the same school since pre-k.

  • I'm the only child. I live by myself. I love reading and Disney channel


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    Name's Phill
    Born, raised, and still living in San Francisco
    Short af but don't care.
    My confidence comes off as arrogance
    Ego is huge
    I usually don't give a fuck
    I'm extremely patient
    I don't get mad very easily and you'd probably piss yourself off before I get mad
    I'm at work too dam much

  • Hello. I'm a turtle. I'm supposed to be at the ocean but I grew a pair of legs and I'm stuck on the land and forgot how to swim as a result.

  • namn mr jiggy
    weight...350 pounds
    age 19
    bye bye fam

  • Your tall for a Japanese guy. About me
    Ugly, fat, and dumb. That's about it.

  • want to stay anon but im 5"11 age 17 weigh 67.5 kg play rugby as a winger i go gym 4 or 5 times a week can bench 85 kg squat 127.5 kg and deadlift 155 kg that basically all i can say about my self im fare boring i only have few crazy stories eg jumping a wall 10 ft high to get into a nightclub

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