How to videos... on Salvia?

Just came across these, pretty informative. What do you think?


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  • These clips = "like" + me laughing

    ie: I used to luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve salvia but rarely got "the giggles"

    My first time trying it I was told "Salvia is a female. You have to do what she says"

    Best time = TRULY amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing soft-spiral visuals with JKC
    Worst time = I had to reconfirm my entire identity with a date as I forgot who I was


    • Ugh, how can you have a good experience with Salvia?

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    • Nopeeeee, I'd like to move to Washington soon. Why?

    • Jw is all.
      ie: I think about moving from Melbourne, Australia to Cali, almost daily :P
      I sooooooooo see myself driving on the PCH :)

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  • Ahahaha I thought it was the band0_0

    • What new drug is this?

    • It's been around for awhile, it was legal in most states a few years ago but it's been banned. It's really extreme and most people have bad trips on it, so no one's really pushing for it's legalization.