What are some useful skill I can self learn for the job market?

To the older folk out there, I'm 27 and have a really crappy job and can't get another. I want to expand my skills to imp;orve my chances of getting a better job any suggestion that might be usefull please. I don't do well on a classroom but I can learn pretty much anything by myself


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  • There are tons of ways to make money. Combine what you are interested in with what you see in the job market. If you're good at talking to people try to do sales jobs. If you're good at computers do it. then learn a trade or get a degree in things that will help you do what you want

    If classrooms aren't your thing you might want to do hands on activities that you could learn a trade in. Cosmetology, welding and mechanics and nursing?

    • Nono I jus suck at school regardless. Im notreally good at anything hence why Im trying to decide on a skill to learn

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  • You might consider learning programming. There are quite a few places online where you can learn coding (one place you might consider starting is freecodecamp, namely because it's free and it gives a pathway to follow for learning), and coding of jobs don't necessarily require a degree. My brother never obtained a degree of any sort in so far as I'm aware, but he's worked for companies such as Amazon and Microsoft amongst others.

    Unlike many more academic subjects, it's relatively easy to build functional programs / websites which you can use to show your ability. Those types of jobs in so far as I'm aware can often pay reasonably well and aren't necessarily that difficult to obtain.

    Beyond that you could look into online courses. There are quite a few websites that have online courses you can take for free (although getting a certificate may cost some relatively small amount of money from what I've observed), although they might not be the most useful thing for a job, they could be used to prove you have some knowledge in a subject. www.coursera.org might be a good place to start looking but there are other websites.

    • I know html and css but thats it what language would you recomend I learn?

    • My education is in other areas, so I might not be the best choice to give advice on the preferred language, but I've personally focused on javascript thus far. It might not be the best language in many contexts, but it's the programming language of the web and it is also useable in a number of areas (front end and back end development / databases) and is relatively easy to learn I gather. Once you've learned one programming language picking up others might also be easier.
      If you already know html and css then using js for webpage design should be even easier too since it's all part and parcel.

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  • Customer service and team skills are the biggest things unless you can get any sort of degree or certification. Have you tried exploring online options?

    • Well I can't get a degree I suck in collge tried for five years and flunke every single semester, yikes and I know customer service and team work its easy I meant actualy skills that might help me get a decent job

    • All I can think is pick up a trade like electrician and see how that goes for you.

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  • Sales, marketing. Every business needs people skilled in those areas, and you can teach yourself. Buy every book by Dan Kennedy and start studying (start with No BS Direct Marketing and No BS Sales Success).

    • I do read up on marketing but I tried aplying for entry level job but they ask for a bachelors and I can't for the life of me do well in college. :/