How to get a mother to spend time for herself?

I don't really know what forum or place to put this question on, so I wound up here because I figure there's probably some other boys/girls my age or moms on this site. I'm 15, and I have a mother who works all the time (housework, volunteering, etc.). I know she wants downtime for her goals, hobbies, etc. Lately I've been getting a bit annoyed/irritated that she doesn't take care of herself very much (she tries to micromanage me and my siblings).

I'm super confident in taking care of myself, and I've practically started acting cold towards her when she tries to take care of me (I can't seem to help it, probably a combination of things). She does a lot for me because she wants me to have what she couldn't when she was growing up (which is very honorable, but I don't want her entire life to be work).

I need some advice on persuading her to take time off for herself, or at least stop looking for more chores and things to stress herself out. She could honestly use a good month off from everything. Maybe I'm just naive, but I don't want her to keep getting older and older and give up on her hobbies, friends, etc. and not ever have the chance to do what she really wants in life. She doesn't seem very happy at all right now. Please help!!


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  • I have no frame of reference or helpful idea to give, but you seem to be one awesome dude. Keep it up!

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