Can you please help me make up my mind, it's about work?

Hello guys and gals, so I graduated college last year, in accounting and haven't been able to land a job, I went to this firm about 4 or 5 months ago, the calls me offering a course in taxes, he want me to pay $250.00 to maybe get a job. No my girlfriend has a job in accountng, she never had to pay for any course just work. Is not something you learn from book, is more expririence. My ex boss, when I did my intership told me he sign a contract got the course for free and work sentern hours I think like 100hours he got payed for does hours the minimum, but if he didn't complete the hours then he would had to pay for the courses sounds fair. Now I heard you could volenteer with the goberment and get the courses for free provided you work 40 hours for free. I guess what I'm asking I get the feeling he just wants my money, he already called twice, it's been a week since he first called. I'm stugguling her and can't really afford to wate 250 dollars, I live in Puerto Rico, unempoleyement here is crazy I can't even find work washing dishes.


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  • A course in taxes and you have to pay the guy $250.00 for that course? I seriously think you shouldn't take it. It can't guarantee you a job but it can give you skills in taxes.

    You haven't got a job yet so getting funded from the government doesn't sound possible at the moment. If you are able to find work and if they require you to do taxes, make the work pay for your course while on top of that working for them.


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