A accident poll for anyone who rides motorcycles in North America (USA)?

I'm interested in getting a motorcycle.

  • I have never been in an accident while riding a motorcycle.
  • I have been in an accident while riding a motorcycle, at fault.
  • I have been in an accident while riding a motorcycle, not at fault.
  • I have been in a few accidents while riding a motorcycle, at fault.
  • I have been in a few accidents while riding a motorcycle, not at fault.
  • I have been in a few accidents while riding a motorcycle, some at fault, some not at fault.
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  • Paging @BertMacklinFBI

    I have only ridden in the UK, and in four years was involved in two accidents.

    The first was my fault, the front wheel washed out from under me/I ran out of talent (delete as applicable). I got up and walked away, because I was wearing a full set of textile gear including proper boots.

    The second was not my fault, I was rearended by an inattentive driver at a yield sign. Got up and walked away.

    The two things that I feel are most crucial are:
    1) ride within your abilities, and take it easy! No matter how righteous your indignation, you won't win in any altercation. You'll go flying off an hurt yourself. Even at low speed, that hurts.

    2) ALWAYS WEAR YOUR EQUIPMENT. ALL OF IT. Proper boots and pants included. Kevlar jeans at least won't shred instantly like normal jeans, but proper motorcycle clothing has armour pads inside to protect your joints. That's why I walked away with a badly swollen knee as opposed to a broken kneecap or worse, because the pad did its job.


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  • I've never been into a motorcycle accident.


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  • I know it's a fun idea. My cousin's husband died in a motorcycle accident. That colors my perception of how fun they are in real life.

    I've known another guy who almost died but was able to get out with just some scratches and bruises (though the bike was a goner).

    The deal with motorcycles is that for most people it's a leisure, funtime activity rather than a practical thing. As such I think the cons outweigh the pros. You cannot really be skilled or careful enough to avoid many life-threatening accidents on a motorcycle.

    You probably already had thoughts like these in mind, but that's my two cents. :)

    • Yeah. I'm also in a group with 5 riders, none of whom have ever been seriously injured. 2 of them have only the bike for primary transportation. I just lost my car due to finances.

    • Well the financial reason is understandable. Just be careful. For actual, practical use in commuting and what not, it's arguably about as safe as a Smartcar.

      Also any person sharp enough to use "whom" correctly will likely bring that level of sophistication to her hog usage. So go for it.

    • Heh :-)

  • all depends on you. a lot of people get into shit, very little never get a scratch their entire life.

    they say its a matter of when not if, well I call bullshit lol.

  • Your poll is a little flawed. How many times was I almost in an accident that wasn't my fault? 3. One was really close. The other two I could see coming & was able to avoid them.
    You have to drive very defensively. With that thought make it 4. I was going through the woods & a deer was on the shoulder looking to cross the street. I wasn't sure what it was going to do (people are a little more predictable) Luckily I could change lanes into the opposite direction of travel.

    • I'm only asking about times you were actually in one, and the fault was you or another driver. Animals, especially deer, can completely total a car. The poll is more-so to determine from actual riders just how safe they really are, and who is normally at fault when they're not so safe. Many people who don't ride assume that riders are reckless and careless, when in reality, most times a motorist hits a motorcycle, they claim it was because they "didn't see them". I'm well aware of all the distractions and hazards that won't as much affect a car. Near accidents are just a much an issue for people in cars.

    • I understand what you're saying "Near accidents are just a much an issue for people in cars"BUT wait until you're on your bike & have a near miss. My skill & experience saved my butt.

    • Well that's my point. If you know what you're doing, and you're smart about it, bikes aren't any more dangerous than a car.

  • I haven't but I've almost always used a car as my primary form of transportation. It's already dangerous enough driving a car around here. People are fucking nuts on the roads where I live and there are a lot of people. I know I'd get creamed on a bike if it were my every day transport.

  • Got in an accident, not my fault, driver's left me for dead and my leg will hurt for the rest of my life.
    Worth it?


What Girls Said 2

  • I have never been in a motorcycle accident, thankfully.

    • Yeah the only one in my group who has never been in one is also the only chick who rides lol.

  • Yes it was years back nearly ended my life.

    • Were you at fault, or someone in a car?

    • I was at fault never saw the car coming pulled out & got broadsided.