How do I move on from all of my awkward mishaps?

Soooo much embarrassing memories. So many awkward moments. so much shame...
I really want to forget but my brain has other plans. I am just so awkward. I'm not even trying to sound like one of "those" people who WANT to be quirky or weird or whatever. This must be something neurological. If that's the case, there's no escaping it. I'm doomed.
I'm thinking of repressing my memories, how do I do that? That sounds ideal.

  • ur fked brah
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  • just lie down for eternity in the corner of your room (way ahead of ya)
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  • scoop out your hippocampus with an ice cream scoop
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  • just chill dude
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  • Just chill dude. You're too paranoid. No one cares except you. so get over it :)

    • I wish I could but I keep getting these "flashbacks" and virtually anything can trigger them.

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