Is this being conceited or just real?

I believe I am just being real when I come to this realization of mine. It might sound hella conceited, I don;t blame you, but I guess it just will take an open mind to understand where I'm coming from.

So I'm in my early 20s, time is passing by, and I feel like I haven't reached my full potential. I may be young so I still have time but I'm in my prime where I am capable of doing ANYTHING including mistakes and learn as I grow. With that being said, I have always grown up with people telling me how attractive I am and how I should "model." I always brushed it off cause I thought I am more than just a nice body and face but hey if the opportunity comes, I'll take it depending on what it is. Now, I'm kind of thinking the other way. I've graduated and know what I want to do in terms of a job and career but that's basically sitting in front of a computer all day. This is where the "conceitedness" part comes out. I feel like my "attractiveness" is going to waste. I do believe that I am an attractive girl, family and friends tell me I have "everything" and I should be thankful. Yes I have thought of myself as an attractive girl when I look in the mirror but never really flaunt it you know like on Instagram or watever. But its starting to hit me that maybe my potential lies within the model industry. Not necessarily like supermodel status but I guess any girl can be a model these days with Instagram so you know just a fit, attractive, sexy model. I honestly want to pursue that field that now because I feel like I'll reach my potential rather than just sitting and wasting away all this attractiveness (lol sounds so conceited). I don't want to grow old and look back like damn I shouldve OWNED my beauty back then when I had it. You know what they say if you have it, flaunt it or own it. Things that hold me back are of course the stereotypes like "oh another model woopty doo" "using her looks" "she has no values or morals." I def do have morals and thats why its taking me longer to go for it. but its starting to come down to the point where I don't care anymore. There's a difference between using your looks and pursuing your looks. I mean you know what they say, if you have it flaunt it or own it. Of course whatever I pursue will be tasteful nothing like Playboyish, I think tasteful would describe my overall presenation and personality.


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  • This is not a good long term plan unless you're going pursue it *purely* as a hobby. You're on the tail end of a model's shelf life and you have a career that's paying your bills to build. You got through college so I don't think I need to lay out all the costs and benefits of your current career choices and what a gap in your resume could do to your long term prospects.