Where do I go from here?

I'm 22, but still living with my Mum (supportive and loving) and Dad (difficult/overbearing). I'm from the UK. In the past few years, I've suffered a few hardships: been depressed and sucidial to the extent that I nearly killed myself (1 year ago). Now I'm in recovery and getting better , but still unhappy. Fortunately, I'm good with money so I saved £40,000 of my own money, but I just can't seem to enjoy anything, life is hard and all I really wanted to do was find a job I loved and a good life. Whatever I do though I just can't seem to enjoy..., reckon I should go somewhere different and start afresh?


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  • Starting fresh can be great with a good mind set, but as the saying goes your issues and troubles will follow you if you're not prepared to deal with them.

    Living on your own in itself can be very rewarding and confidence building. It could make you feel better. Just make sure you do not isolate yourself from your loved ones because depression has the tendency to make us do that, and you could find yourself in a worse state. New hobbies and activities can help, but try not to overwhelm yourself too much at first. It should be a journey that doesn't happen overnight. Serious depression (I'm probably preaching to the choir here so I'm sorry) also isn't something you can just "snap out of". Have you tried any therapy or medications that could help? Sometimes these things aren't due to circumstance but a chemical imbalance in our brains.

    • wow your answer is fantastic, thank you!

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    • I was in outpatient rehab with a guy who had that done about a year ago and a half ago. I was in for drugs/a bipolar episode and he was in for really severe depression. If I met the guy on the street and wasn't a "funny person" myself who understood the whole sad clown complex I never would have even guessed he was so depressed. It can work wonders, but they kind of save it as a last resort because of how intense and potentially dangerous it can be. This guy was older, I want to say in his forties and had tried every sort of medication out there before undergoing this treatment, and I was lucky enough to see him progress. Sometimes the chemicals are present in the brain but aren't being released or transmitted anymore which is where the shocks can help. It was somewhat of a miracle for him, and I was so glad because he was my favorite person in the program although our groups were mistake separated due to the fact that they kept us addicts in separate therapy a good deal of the time.

    • A year and a half ago****

      From the time I met him when we were in the hospital to the time we "graduated" from the program it was like night and day with him. It could be something worth looking in to.

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