Guys, When what age did you start noticing facial hair?

I seem to have more facial hair than most people and I also started growing my facial hair pretty early.


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  • 14 I think, maybe 15. I was pretty late :3

    • Not too late. My friend is 16 and he has no trace of facial hair yet. By the way I started noticing mine at 11 0_0

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    • Yeah I had a full mustache when I was 12. I don't shave my sideburns but I shave my neck beard and mustache haha. I am also 16. I made this account and didn't know you could be under 18.

    • Oh haha. Both 16, yay! :)

      Maybe later when I get 20+ I'd like to grow some beard, a small, cool one you know ;)
      What about you?

  • I noticed the bum fluff around 14.

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