Social Anexity in social situations?

(Also I posted this in another forum on here but I wasn't sure it was the right one to post this question to). I have Social Anexity Disorder and certain social gatherings make me very anxious. I feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and I can't fit it. It seems like I fit in really well with others who are socially awkward then those who are not. Example: tonight I am hanging out with co workers in a internship that I work. They all pretty much live together and I commute daily. It is like 4 guys and two girls. They want to go out drinking and then drink at home. Only one of the guys invuted me but it feels like that was only because I overheard their plans. Plus the last time I went out with them two of them had sex at the end of the night. That really made me uncomfortable. I couldnt even drink anything or get comfortable when flirting comes around. I put myself in these situations so I can over come my anxiety. But im not sure its working. I want to hang out with them but I dont feel wanted and ignored and thrn I get uneasy. I just want to fit in. I do tend to over think everything and I dont read body language well. How can I over come this?


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  • See a professional. That can really help.


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  • I would say you should start simple, that seems like a pretty extreme situation if you're someone who suffers social anxiety. Depending on how serious you think it is I'd start with approaching people on the street and asking the time, or directions to somewhere (just make sure you're not standing right by the shop or whatever it is you are asking directions to haha)

    If you think you can handle this ok then maybe just spark up quick conversations with staff in shops on the counter, talk about something in the news, ask their opinion on something, just something innocent and quick, I wouldn't start by complimenting girls on stuff as it could be seen as flirting and can make things awkward for you.

    Then progress to going to a bar with a friend even just for one drink, go order a drink on a busy night, this will get your brain used to the situation.

    Diving right in at the deep-end like you seem to be doing at the moment will probably make things worse, because you have no real control over the situation. You want to train your brian to get used to these social situations by trying what I've talked about above, that way you maintain full control over it, they're quick encounters with people and it gets you used to talking to people.

    Hope this helps you dude!

    Remember, it's all in your head!


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  • Stop assuming about their intentions, stop thinking about their reasons, stop thinking about what they are thinking about. Guy invited you, do you want to hang out or not? As simple as that: what do YOU want? Let others make their own choices and starting making yours. Good luck.


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