Are any you starting to get sick and tired of hearing these constant internet posts about whether or not Bill Cosby is guilty of these?

alleged s3xual assaults?

I mean seriously, I think all the idiots jumping on the "Bill Cosby really is guilty and has betrayed his fans" bandwagon need to let go of their hate and either actually wait until there are actually more valid evidence against Cosby to prove that he really is guilty of all of these random r@pe allegations or just move on.

Sure, Bill Cosby admitted that he has drugged a few women before but he said that he never recalled drugging any of his accusers yet people decided to twist his words around to create more buzz, money and rile everyone else up even more. I'm mean, I'm not saying that he's totally innocent or even is either guilty or innocent but it's funny how people always like to believe everything that comes out of any woman's mouth without any reliable proof supporting their accusations.

It's even more funny that just recently, 3 MORE women started accusing Bill Cosby of r@pe. How many has-been actresses (that are broke) or any woman in general have accused Cosby of r@pe? Like 100 of them? That's sounds a little fishy that they started coming forward so late (decades later) if you ask me.

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  • Yeah I am.


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  • You must not have read the same testimony that Bill Cosby did several years ago. He admitted to drugging and having sex with women against their will which makes him a rapist. Anyone saying otherwise is ignoring what the man himself admitted to doing.

    • Again, it's not to say that he was innocent or completely guilty of all of his rape allegations, but I do find it fishy how there's a rapidly growing number of women coming forward after decades of never doing so. I am convinced that he's most likely guilty of rape of SOME of his accusers but not all of them. I think the rest of them (outside of the few, who are mostly has-been actresses) are just jumping on the rape accusation bandwagon just to get more money out of him after blowing their money away.

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