Who agrees that online and in real life, you should block any and everyone who disrupts or threatens your peace, happiness, and productivity?

Considering the massive amounts of toxic individuals in this world, the only way to not ingest their hazardous waste is to completely block their access to mental, emotional, and physical state. Here's my theory: Anyone who is not supporting, encouraging, or aiding your growth and success gets minimal (at most) focus, energy, or attention. If someone is consistently spreading bad vibes and stimulating negativity as opposed to leaving you with a positive end result then why share or give them your precious, divine energy? This is an easy way to achieve happiness because it automatically eliminates possible moments of unhappiness. Some people are the equivalent of a tar pit; you can't fight tar. The more you try to fight tar, the more you get covered in it's thick, heavy, harmful substance and the longer it takes for you to get clean from it. This is why I don't understand the stigma behind blocking people.

In my real life, if there is someone who is a tar pit, they get zero of my time, energy, focus, or attention. Given the exception that they are a family member, coworker, or employee but even then, I will only communicate with them when absolutely necessary and the conversation will be brief and to the point. Doesn't it make sense to do the same thing for your online environment? We have no duty or obligation to patiently, willingly accept nor put up with the toxic habits and patterns of strangers on the internet. Therefore, if someone is consistent with doing more harm than they do good, I block them joyfully. :) I am pleased to know that they will not be wasting anymore of my future time on them and I feel like I’ve done a service to myself by taking away their ability to spread toxins in my atmosphere. My time alive is limited and I'm not interested in wasting it on those who don't deserve it or waste it. This decision has done wonders for my ability to maintain mental bliss and peace throughout the day :) What do you think?

I'd recommend this for anyone who's serious about being happy, peaceful, and successfully maintaining a high level of mental, emotional, and spiritual health. :)


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  • I agree. I block a lot of people like that online, and do my best to avoid them in real life as well. If they start acting sexist, racist, or resorting to name calling then I don't want to talk with them anymore. I have no desire to spend my time dealing with toxic people.

    • *APPLAUSE* Life is too short and there are enough toxins reaching for us without us embracing them.

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  • Avoiding issues and choosing "easy ways" aren't really my thing. I like to hear "other" side (s). The wider perspective -the better.

    • It's not necessarily "avoiding issues" and "choosing easy ways". I don't have a duty or obligation to engage in someone else's issues. I don't feel that I should have to devote my extended energy, time, and focus on someone else's issue or an unnecessary issue that they are creating unless they're actually friends or family. Taking the "hard way" is a privilege reserved for specific people and situations in my opinion.

    • You seem to have misinterpreted what I was saying. I never said that I refuse to hear the "other" side and widen my perspective. I simply said I don't tolerate toxic individuals who have a certain type of presence.

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  • if that works for you its all good. I kinda have my thought when people wanna be a dick to me online :P

    • and what thought is that? :)

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    • Lol! I believe it! I really have no clue how you can be a mod and willingly put up with the overflowing fuqery all over this site all day err day.

    • well I've been on the internet a long time and compared to the hate on my youtube channel people here are fucking amateurs lol.

  • I agree. Negativity is contagious. If you feel that someone's negativity is affecting you then I'd encourage you to cut them off. For a while, at least.

  • Yeah, i agree i don't deal with toxic people it's not good at all the way i see things.


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