Would you ever play professional sports?

okay i am 20 years old and currently playing college football and baseball at Kwansei Gakuin University in japan. i could of gone on to play college sports in america but i chose to go to japan because of family reasons and i missed my homeland. i i went to a pretty small high school of under a 1000 kids. and being in alaska we usually dont get a lot of college scouts to come to our games so very few kids get division one schlorships. so i was very luck. during high school i was 6'6 and 225 pounds so i was a pretty big guy. i am bigger than most Asians and i am the biggest person in my family. i have always been into weightlifting and i have always been into excersing. during high school i was one one of the best football players in the state and i had the fastest 40 yard dash in the state. i had attracted four divison one schools i was a really good wide reciver in high school and i got invited to football camps all over the country and all the coaches all told me i had the ability to be a starter at college and could potetionally make it as an nfl player. i was also an okay basketball player i played point guard and because of my height i was a really good scorer. i got two division one schlorships. i was also a really good baseball player and lead my school in home runs and i had the highest batting average and on base percantge and also led the team in runs and stolen bases. i got six division one scholarships for baseball so ya hopefully i will get the opportunity to play pro sports wheather its football or baseball but there aren't a lot of scouts that come all the way to japan to look at football players. baseball i have a chance in but probally not football i hope i could be an nfl player and hae been told i could do it but i doubt it since most scouts dont notice japense football players but baseball i have a chance in. i also might go to an American college next year to finish up my education and play a year of football. so would you ever play pro sports


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  • I totally would.


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