My mom's "friend" is scaring me. HELP?

so even tho it says i''m 17, i'm actually 13. i'll be 14 next month. my parents have been divorced for about 4 - 5 years. my mom met this one guy (idk how long she's known him, or where she met him) and he's not really... right in the head. he has had seizures which cause him to lose his memory for awhile. about nine months ago he lost his job and house and my mom said he could stay with us for a little bit. he also has a 5 year old daughter and he got her a black lab for her birthday. the dog is only a year old, not full grown yet. last week he drank some odd beer or something and got EXTREMELY MAD! he first took it out on my mom, screaming at her and going on about "how terrible [his] life is" and "how [he] shouldn't have had a daughter" and how the daughter's mom is "messed up" and just going on and on. he then started screaming at his daughter, then me. he brought up about how my dad is stupid and messed up and that's when i got mad. my dad is a good person, i didn't want him talking like that about my dad. a couple hours before this happened, he made the dog go in her kennel and when this happened, he opened it and started scolding her for no reason, saying things like "what the fuck are you doing?" "you think you can look at me like that?" and he grabbed her by her bottom jaw and her paw and my mom saw him and hit him on his back. my mom got him away and i got the dog in my room to "protect" her. (the daughter was also in my room) and basically he's "better" now but i don't want this to happen again. my mom might kick him out but i don't really want her to. like i don't want the 5 year old and the dog in his custody. cuz like what if this happens again when no one is around to stop him? I don't know what to do and i'm scared for everyone.


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  • @RJGravey Train is correct!
    Let the police and CPS know about this man and what he's like. That is your best chance to help everyone. Including the "friend"


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  • You or your mom need to report this guy to the police immediately, or at the very least, CPS to protect his daughter.

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