I'm scared I'm not as attractive as my photos, does this mean (details) that I am?

I'm always scared of meeting people I've met online because I'm a little chubby and haven't got the best self esteem in the world. I never post photos of my body but usually post flattering pictures of my face so that's what they're going from.
here are some experiences of people I've met online who were going from my photos prior to meeting me
guy from school I hadn't seen in ages, definitely wanted to see me again
guy I went on a date with said I looked more beautiful in person than my photos
another guy I went on a date complimented me on the date, tried to kiss me and asked me out again after

does this mean I'm as pretty as my photos?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes u look the same as you do in photos! Get this insecurity out of your head NOW!

    • Thanks but how do I?

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    • Ok thank you! :)

    • You can follow me if you want!

Most Helpful Girl

  • probably better because your the real deal and the photos are of you :)

    • Aw thank you :) I really hope it's that way haha

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  • I deal with my inadequate looks by using pictures of my handsome cousin in my personal ad pics.

    • You shouldn't do that

What Girls Said 1

  • yes it does.