Girls, does anyone else have very soft boobs?

My least favourite parts to workout are chest and abs, so my boobs are soft. I'm a B cup, sometimes C, depends on the bra. And I try to workout my chest whenever I'm in the mood but I just hate it.

  • Yes I have very soft boobs (I'm B or + cup)
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  • No I have very firm boobs (I'm B or + cup)
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  • Yes I have very soft boobs (A or - cup)
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  • No I have very firm boobs (A or - cup)
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  • My boobs are pretty firm, that's just how they are. However, my mother has softer boobs-but she's breastfed two children. So maybe her boobs were firm in the beginning.

    Don't be upset about your boob firmness. Guys will love it either way :)

    • Yeah but I don't love it. Who cares about what guys think! I care about what 'I' think lol. I just want it to be really perky and firm but i'm too lazy when it comes to chest exercises! My dilemma 😣

    • You're right, it is up to you to like parts of your body. There's no point in being down about something that only you dislike. Just see the beauty and perks of having what you have, especially if you're too lazy to change it.

    • thanks for mhg!

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  • I have DDs and they are pretty soft. The perfect pillows for my man.
    Even when I was younger they were not super firm. Not a big deal to me.

    • Yeah but I read in an article (I forgot where) that saggy breasts are more likely to get breast cancer or cysts because breast cells grow more abnormally then. And it's kinda worrying me because my mother's side of the family has had breast cancer.

    • Yeah, I think that is true. Just be sure to start getting mammograms early since it runs in your family just to be safe.

  • i am told they are very soft


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