Would you consider me a loser for dropping out of the military?

I went into the Marine Corps at 17 and still had so much growing up to do. I lasted two months in bootcamp till up and decided to quit. I really hated me self for it for a long time. Looking back it though I wasn't really cut out for it.. at least at the time. I would say 90% of the population isn't.. even half of the people that stay in hate it. I was really nerdy in high school and wanted to pove myself so I took that route. I wasn't manuplating my right skillset. Four years later I have a software engineering degree and I am in great shape and make good money. If I had the opportunity I would definitley go back and serve my country because I feel like I betrayed my country by bailing. I know I would be comftorably suited for the Marine Corps at this point in my life at 22. Unfortunely they don't want me back and I don't blame them they spent a lot of money on my training and I up and left when it got too hard. I don't know if I'd consider telling any future girlfriends this.

I've told a couple marines this and they completley understood and respected me for telling the truth. I hung out with a couple marines in college. None of them seemed to care at all.



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  • Nahh. My boyfriend did the same.

    • Was he Marine Corps?

    • No... Acutally I'm not sure if he quit or got kicked out... But he has some mental health issues so thats kinda why

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  • Yeah a lot of people join for the wrong reasons. The majority of drop outs I've learned are from the people that watched a lot of movies about elite forces and just wanted to be able to say they were part of special forces then life slapped them in the face at the first week at basic.

    I don't think it necessarily makes you a loser but if you made it two months through boot you only had like one more and SOI and you could have gone for a mos like recruiter or some desk job and stay away from heavy combat. Military experience does look really good on any resume.

    • No you have to serve four years and then realist into a B-Billet to get a job ike recruiter. It wasn't the fear of combat it was just the lifestyle.

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  • If you decided it wasn't the thing for you, there's no shame in leaving. We put a lot of emphasis on the military, but there are plenty of other jobs you can do.


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  • I mean not really bruh. at least you left at an early stage before sh*t got really serious and you would just bail on them. Plus there's worse ways to get out of the military (jodies for example). So I wouldn't consider you a loser bro.

    Gratz on your software engineering degree by the way.

    • I just really don't know how a girlfriend or someone serious would respond to something like this. Definitely a huge insecurity.

    • I feel ya bro. It's all how you approach your girl with it. If she finds it a huge turn off, then she most likely stick around for long (leave the hoe).

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