What is your dream vehicle?

Hey just wondering what your dream garage would look like for me if I love vintage cars and would get a 1963 Stingray Coupe or a Tucker 48 Sedan since it shares my first name :)
America's version of the DB5, hte 1963 Corvette Stingray Coupe

What is your dream vehicle?

And if I can add this to the garage I would also :)
A 1935ish Indian 4 they look great, are rare, and 4 cylinders of Justice :)


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  • Stingray and I wanna trick out my classic whip.

    • What year of Stingray like a C2 like I posted or the C3 ater ones. Or perhaps the newest Corvette? All good choices haha classics are the way to go. I have been working on my Nova for a long time now.

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    • Mine as well. The older ones are too small and square and the later ones are uglier with wierder windows and front end. I like mine :)

    • I agree 100%

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