I hate other people's happiness?

Is that wrong of me? I mean, after all, humans have only ever brought despair and misery into my life. They taught me that trust is for fools, and that hatred is something to help you survive. I survive by hating this world, it deserves it, this world and the people in it are cruel and thoughtless. They stole my ability to be happy, ensured I could never form bonds with people. I don't need them anymore, don't want them, bonds are for the weak that can't pull themselves up. Still, I hate their bonds of friendship, I hate their happiness, they should be miserable and alone, they don't deserve an ounce of happiness, they should be made to feel constant despair. Is that wrong of me to say?


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  • People always compare their own lives with that of others. Some people appear happy but inside they are at breaking point.

    Many years ago i was with a guy i'd been with for a long time. Someone i knew commented on how they envied my relationship, because my boyfriend and me were always together , laughing and happy. We appeared to share a special bond to the outside world.

    I just smiled and nodded when she said it to me. Inside i was thinking, " if only she knew of my sadness and pain, and just how badly he treated me, if only she could see the tears behind my smile"

    So you see... not everyone is happy. We all express ourselves differently. Some show it through anger and tears while ohers hide it behind a smile


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  • You're depressed and bitter. You're living in a world of hate so your outlook is jaded. There's plenty of things to be happy about, and loads of good people. You feel unappreciated but wait until you meet someone. Its just a defense mechanism.

  • If you hate happiness then hate it WE can't change that but you can.

    • I don't hate happiness, is that other people's happiness, and, what is there to change? All I know and have been taught is hatred, hatred of the self, I defied that, I learned that to survive, everyone else is the enemy. That's how the world works, cold, Darwinian, survive at all costs.

  • Meh no. If that works for you..


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