Atheists, can you help me understand this?

You eny the existence of God because you think the universe can come out of nothingness, and at the same time deny afterlife because you think that nothing can come out of nothingness.


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  • I don't believe in God because there's no proof God exists, of course there's no proof he/she/it doesn't exist either, just like there's no proof for or against the existence of the devil but I prefer to just trust into facts and my logic and rely on science here. I do believe in the afterlife though, in a spiritual way, I just don't believe heaven or hell exist. I sometimes even doubt the afterlife but then I think the thought of something after death kinda takes away my fear a little.


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  • For the first part it's very simple.

    First, believe in God and the origin of the universe are two different things. They are not mutually exclusive. It doesn't have to be this or that. It can be both. Neither excludes the other.

    Second, disbelieve in God does not require an alternate explanation. If an alternate explanation is available, fine, but it's not required.

    If I go in my front yard and find a piece of paper I might think, "Hmmm, I wonder where this came from?". If I don't know, it does not automatically mean that God put it there.

    I might also think "It's common for wind to blow paper around, maybe that's how it got there." We know from experience that this can happen. We even know a scientifically sound reason how it happens. Just because I can't prove the wind blew it there does not mean God put it there.

    Whether I have an alternate explanation or not, I can't conclude that God put it there.

    For the second part of the question. It's similar to the first. Believe in God and believe in an afterlife are two different things. Neither belief nor disbelief in either one excludes the other.

    To put the two parts together, you are comparing apples and oranges. The origins of the universe and an afterlife are two very different things. They each need to stand on their own. Once again, these two things are not mutually exclusive. They can both exist, they can both not exist, or only one can exist. There is no contradiction there because neither depends on the other.


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  • Denying the existence of God is not the same as denying an afterlife. I think a lot of atheists believe in some kind of afterlife, or maybe reincarnation.

    "and at the same time deny afterlife because you think that nothing can come out of nothingness."

    I don't really understand that sentence. What does denying afterlife have to do with thinking "nothing can come out of nothingness"? And isn't the common claim here that it's SOMETHING that comes out of nothingness? You're confusing.


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  • There's one thing wrong with what you're saying.

    Atheists doesn't believe that the universe came out of nothing
    but rather, follow the science theory.

    In short.. tiny sparks kept phasing in and out of existence
    due to such an unfathomable long time passing.

    And again, due to such an unfathomable long time
    two such sparks happened to actually exist close enough
    and at the same time, causing a chain reaction..

    This chain reaction, is what we call the "big bang"
    it's still going on today (expanding universe).

    So yeah, they don't believe it came from nothing
    but rather, choose to trust in scientific theory.

    • Where these tiny sparks come from?

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    • The thing is, that the universe wasn't the beginning
      but rather, our, beginning.

      And also, now we're back at the point we discussed earlier, that
      "time" is a man-made label, of the force that governs the evolution
      and movement of everything we know/there was.

      If "time" began with the creation of the universe
      then there was nothing before the universe's creation.

      If the entity people refer to as God, existed before that
      then "time" also existed before that.

      There can be no existence, without time.

      So, my conclusion to all this, is that either time (the force that governs everything)
      existed before the entity, that people call God, or.. they are the same thing.

      In other words. Atheists, and Theists believe in the same thing
      but under different names.

      Makes sense, yeah? ^.^

    • Yes, Atheists, and Theists share the same belief, the belief that something can exist on its own, atheists believe that matter can exist on its own and it created the universe, Theists believe that God exists on his own and he created the universe.

  • You're the one pretending there's a god. It's up to you to prove it, it's NOT to others to disprove your belief.

  • Here's the thing. Nobody is saying that the universe came out of nothingness. Where did it come from? Nobody knows. That's the main position - not knowing. The difference between you and me is that I'm willing to accept that I may never have an actual answer while you just use a fairy tale for yours and accept it as truth when there's nothing to prove that it is the truth.

  • Except the world is here.

    But based on our knowledge of how the world works and how biology works, the assumption that anything would be retained of your consciousness is unreasonable. The only thing that is retained is a portion of your genetic code.

  • Quantum physics is very tricky. We form theories using mathematical probabilities of our current universe. So far we do know that atoms are basically held together by the higgs field. Weaker particles don't interact with this field and aren't important. The stronger ones that do interact are in use.

    There is no room for the afterlife or god mathematically. There are no particles that prove their existence.

    • U know nothing about quantam physics and I am not even entering a discussion

  • I have a very simple answer to this.. I don't know.
    It's not that hard, try saying that sometimes.

  • there is no afterlife... there is no need for one.

  • These stupid theism vs atheism questions.

    You or they will NEVER prove the other side wrong unless we find some means of studying the universe before the supposed big bang. We don't know everything so get your head out of your ass. The people that care about these dumb arguments are those that are so stupid they think they're geniuses and think they know how the universe works. Most of the universe can't even be studied in any way besides the fact there's gravitational pulls (dark matter)

    Enough of this stupid argument between religious and non religious people. Neither know enough about the universe to prove anything.

  • Something and nothing are a false dichotomy.

  • i deny the existence of god because it doesn't make sense, and because there are and have been thousands of gods that humans have worshipped, now and in all of history. all those others didn't exist either, because science rendered them obsolete (think zeus and thunder/lightning). yours isn't any different.