Have you ever had an opinion removed that shouldn't have been?

I answered a question once that asked for the worst jokes we had as in offensive or racist and so I told a few anonymously haha and next thing I know, BAM deleted even though its just wha tthe asker asked for. It seems they would have deleted the question not just an opinion for it. In any case I was wondering if something similar ever happended to y'all.


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  • My suggestion is to look through the posting guidelines on the FAQ https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts Those are basically the same rules the mods follow so you'll have a better idea of what is and isn't likely to be removed.

    It doesn't matter what's asked. If you answer or comment breaks the rules it has to go :c BUT! If you follow the rules you never have to worry about a post being removed :)


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  • yeah, some question about existence. i answered "cogito ergo sum" and it was removed for "bad grammar". that is hilarious and very sad at the same time.

    • Wow... I didn't even know bad grammar is a reason to remove opinions o. o that is quite disappointing. Mine was removed for being offensive which it was but thats what was asked for.

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    • @BellePepper comments are in exception.

    • @YourFutureEx Now they are but it sounds like post was taken down in the past and they're always changing their minds so I didn't want to give poor advice.

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  • Some of the questions.

    But this question never got removed xD


    Admins and mods are biased.

    • Woooooowwwww I didn't even see that one earlier. That is quite excessive and really does prove a point.

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    • I didn't know how it worked haha but thanks for the flags. Silly admins... tricks are for kids.

    • No comments on their decision.