Guys please tell me someone has a better way to deal with anger than what I do?

My way isn't the right way!!!


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  • Workout, cardio whatever you like.
    Get rid of that energy


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  • There're just as many options, as there are people in the world
    as everyone has their own way to deal with it.

    For me, I like to exercise, especially martial arts
    and music, that, or meditation.

    Some people like to find a gym
    to hit a punching bag.

    Other people find somewhere where they can be
    alone, and then shout as loud as they can.

    Anyway you could think of, that'd
    stress you down. ^.^

  • 1. Let out one giant scream using as much energy as you can generate to let it all out.
    2. Do some heavy training/work-outs.
    3. Go for a run.
    1. Lie on your bed with headphones and listen to some relaxing music. Like "Space Ambient" style.

  • I don't understand your question. Some people benefit from anger management training... some people need other forms of therapy or counseling...

    • I don't need counseling :')
      I just have a lot of anger right now that i dont want to have haha

    • Then go break or punch something... or go running, workout, etc.

    • I have punched something haha but maybe it shouldn't have been a brick wall..

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