Whats should I do? the people I was going with back off around the time we were going?

so i was planning to go to this party/event with some of the people i have gotten closes to, only for them to back out pretty much right before the pre-party. So i basically sitting on my own, not having anywhere to go to.. or i do.. but i really dont want to go on my own. I have asked two other girl if i can go with them but the other one said i could go if she was going (shes not sure if she's going or not) and the other hasn't answered me yet.. so atm im on my own.

Im not sure if im just going to stay at home and go later.. or if i should go to the other party on my own.. i dont know... because even though i have talked to several of the people that are going to be there, i would feel awkward going there by my self.. So what should i do?


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  • just stay home.