What is the longest essay or paper you have ever typed in the shortest amount of time?

You could include research and source gathering in total, but I want to specifically know about actual typing.

My dissertation is due in three weeks and I am almost done with all my research and plan on typing all 15,000 words in a week and someone said it was impossible, I have dont plenty of 4-6000 word esseys in about 8-10 hours before... After research and wiht a solid outline of course.

P. S. GAG really does jsut feed my procrastination like no other...


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  • I once wrote an approximately 15 page essay on anaemia and leukaemia in the 8 hours directly before it was due. That included all my research and referencing. The typing itself probably took around 5 hours. But that's only a guess, because I was doing it all at the same time.

    • about the same probably and got an A on it too... it was on glaciers =p

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  • i wrote a take 38 days ago xactly here in GAG and i spent like 45-60 mins if i remember well.

    it was about my opinion y 80s and 90s decades were da best for a human being to live.

    it was 2119 chaacters long xactly... does it count or's it short for an essay?


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  • I did not type but got one to write one very long essay and then i forwarded to https://emergencyessay.com/ who wrote amazingly.

  • I do not remember to be honest.


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