Girls... according to you, who are the most handsome guys on GaG? Do you like any guy in here :p :p?

I don't know if it Even matters to women here..
I often see people asking about most beautiful girls on gag and so thought of asking this other way round..


You definitely have something that other guys don't. But what? :p :p :p
What's your secret? ;-)


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would have to describe myself in 1 word and it would be:Ugly, since no girl has ever messaged me here and i also becuse no one has added me to this list:(

    • No worries bruh! You aren't alone! And why getting sensitive? Actually the fact is one has to be regular user of gag and that too for long time to be known by many.
      Step 1- always be gentle and never criticise any any gager
      Step 2- Be more frequent in women's section
      Step 3- you have to message them personally to be known. Women won't message you unless you are brad Pitt or tom cruise alike.

      When you aren't regular then not many people know you.. And relax this is just internet. ;-)

    • But on the other hand isn't it a good idea to become known by posting questions you find interresting without being anonymous so that you can gain followers by being interresting witch would in turn make girls more willing to message you since you are popular, Basically if you make youself more visible then you are 10 times more likely to receive a message or do you think i need to think differently?

    • Believe me 9 out of 10 girls will never date any guy on gag.

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