Is this a mild summer?

I live in a desert and it is suppose to be very hot and dry but I have never been through a year like this before. It is about 20 degrees less than it should be. This year has also been very very wet. We have had no major forest fires this year like we normally do. When you go out side there are no insects out like you can usually see all the time. The only bugs I have seen are flies and they are moving very slowly. No recently a lot of trees in my neighborhood have there leaves changing to a yellow and the leaves are falling off. Is this a mild summer? Also are there signs that tell if this upcomming winter is going to be bad or mild?


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  • what desert do you live in... its 108 here today -_-

    • Well I don't exactly live in the desert part of my state. I live in Utah. It is 92 degrees here. Hotter then it has been for a while. where are you at that is so hot?

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