How often do computer hackers get caught?

I believe that my credit card company was recently hacked because for 4-5 days I kept getting the technical difficulties message when I tried to log in to online banking. Today I tried to use my credit card to purchase a drink from the tea shop and my credit card wouldn't go through because the tea shops credit card scanner was broken. It was also broken for the user who went before me but after trying for about 4-6 minutes they were able to fix it for her. I hope this situation gets resolved and the hacker gets caught. I don't want to use paper to monitor my credit card activity - that would be too much trouble.


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  • it might not be a hacker, people can easily steal your credit card, like when a waiter takes the check, they could also take a picture of it. Anyway, hackers are very difficult to catch if they aren't morons.


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  • When you get messages that you find suspicious in that they seem to not come from your bank or credit card company, immediately contact your bank!
    First of all, if someone stall money this way, there's a good chance the bank will pay you back and go after the bad guys themselves :D
    Secondly, if the message was real you'll know, otherwise the police may get alerted early enough to present many others to become the victim of the same gang!

  • Sad thing hackers usually hit the big credit card companies , the smaller companies
    they usually don't bother them but anything is possible now days but their starting to
    make it so credit card companies have more security with their cards for their
    customers ,


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  • Not often since it's the internet which is basically, right now, the old wild west since everyone can be anonymous.

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