80s music poll: Favorite album by Led Zeppelin/Robert Plant/Jimmy Page?

Hmmm from here only Plant’s album "The Principle Of Moments" sounded good…some decent songs there.

  • Coda (Led Zeppelin)
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  • Pictures at Eleven (Robert Plant)
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  • The Principle Of Moments (Robert Plant)
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  • Shaken 'n' Stirred (Robert Plant)
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  • Now And Zen (Robert Plant)
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  • Outrider (Jimmy Page)
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    Coda is by far my favorite of these.

    My reasoning...
    1.) I'll start with Robert Plant's stuff (Pictures at Eleven, The Principle of Moments, Shaken 'n' Stirred, Now and Zen). The vocals are great on the albums, but you can tell the heavy influence of Robert Plant's writing on the pieces. They remind of Zeppelin's song "All my Love," possibly my least favorite Zeppelin song. Plant was great singing, but I never particularly cared for his writing or style. He steps away from the Zeppelin sound I feel and starts to go into more of the 80s style of music. It's by no means bad, but it definitely isn't the rocking Zeppelin sound that I like so much. All the distorted gritty distortion on the guitars gets replaced with chorus/flanger effects, and the stuff seems a lot more generic 80s than what Zeppelin had.

    2.) Now for Jimmy Page (outrider). The vocals remind me of a slightly deeper-voiced Robert Plant, but I'm guessing that is the effect they were kind of going for. I do quite enjoy the album Outrider. The guitar riffs from Jimmy Page really broke through in a way I can only describe as like a rock Jimi Hendrix. They really focused on guitar in the album, often trading the leads from Jimmy and vocals. It had its great share of solos. Jimmy Page's playing also has a unique style to it I feel. Like Jimi Hendrix used to, he used a lot of whammy bar in it, he also had some nice catchy riffs that are fun to play, kind of like what he did in Zeppelin. Outrider stays more true to the Zeppelin sound I love. This entire album screams Zeppelin.
    The flaws I have with it is that the singer isn't a Robert Plant. He is good, but he isn't quite as unique or great as Plant in my opinion. Haha I bet he isn't quite the showman Plant was either, but that is unrelated. Anyway, without Bonham's unique style on drum, they suffer from very generic drum beats on a lot of the songs. It lacks the famous heel toe technique and the technical skill Bonham offered.

    3.) Now for my choice, Coda. Coda is great. It has the fast paced groove songs like We're Gonna Groove, it has the technically pleasing bluesy songs like "I Can't Quit You Baby" (the guitar is NOT easy for that). Bonham's style is absolutely fantastic too. His fills range give technical power to the music while really fitting the part. He does a lot of heel toe tapping on it along with the snare grooves. Great riffs, great singing, a good mix of heavy and not songs, and Zeppelin's signature feel. Great album.


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