Have you ever considered beating someone up physically? Why?

I've met a few people I don't like but I can't beat whoever up I don't happen to like lol, the subject would have to deserve it and it would take a lot for me to get to that point of considering assault, I don't have anger issues but there was this one guy that did everything to piss me off and was all around annoying, even wanted to steel my crush, I almost beat him up but some people came and broke it up before that happened. Yes there would have been consequences, being kicked out of camp, arrested maybe, but in the moment you don't think about those things in fact are willing to accept the consequences.

Please excuse my wall of text, anyways back to the question.

Have you ever considered beating up someone physically? Why?



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  • Once in high school.

    • Splain it to me.

    • There is nothing to explain. They were trying to piss me off and I considered beating them up.
      I did something else though.

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  • I have been very close to for various reasons. One guy fucked up REALLY bad and thought, "hey, let me pick on this guys AUTISTIC YOUNGER BROTHER to get at him." Now I am not allowed in the same building as him, it's that serious. During school, both our schedules were switched to avoid any possibility of an altercation. No worries, he learned his lesson. After I bust through a window and got him once in the face before tackled. Don't ever fuck with my brothers to get to me, that becomes a suicide request.

    Another person kept making racist jokes, I simply got up in the middle of class and punched him once, went back to my seat, got my stuff, and left the school. To make matters funny/worse, they found me chilling at the college with friends.

    Someone thought it'll be a funny idea to spit on me head, really homophobic and transphobic asshole, wasn't expecting me to come out the bathroom sprinting, up the stairs, and full blown tackled into the railing. I didn't even hit him really, the metal did I wonderful job on fucking up his face, neck, nose, and back. I just jumped up and walked away.

    That's a few examples, but I've never actually beat them up. I just earned the title of someone to not be fucked with whatsoever and people generally learned their lessons as to why with my sudden bouts of assault.

    Honestly, I'm usually passive aggressive, so everytime I did this they were very unprepared and surprised. I come off as a nice guy. By senior year, I was still a nice guy. Just not the one to be messed with.


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  • whoever treats gals like shit and says stuff "i'm a man so i'm superior"

    i'd beat him up wid pleasure

  • considered it? nah. but I wait for the day someone fucks with me and I combo their ass so quick they don't know what happened.