I want to do this is it funny?

I want to make this for my girlfriend do you think it's okay to give her that for birthday + flowers? One more thing is it allowed to take that vool and everything to plane? Because It's not from same country. Thank you

What do you think girls would you be happy with this kind of present?


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  • Aw that is so cute! I don't get stuffed animals or dolls usually. But if I knew my boyfriend made it for me, it'd be pretty special.

    Are you making it before you board the plane and keeping it in your carry on? That should be ok, I would think. If you are bringing the supplies (felt, thread, needles, stuffing, etc) I would put it in the suitcase, not on the carry on.

    • thanks for info, yes I'll make that at home.

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    • Yeah I think a maple brown color fits with a bear :)

    • Thank you for MHO! :)

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  • i think its a good idea.

    • would you be happy to get that as girlfriend for birthday + flowers?

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