What do you say to a girl who lost her husband to Leukemia?

I just found out she did. I won't be meeting her in person until the end of October but, just curious what I should say, if anything?


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  • There's not much you can say that will really make much difference. Time heals, and it's the only way to heal. You can tell her sorry for her loss or something similar. But October is a ways off, so I don't think I'd say anything unless it comes up.

    To be honest, when people say things like "sorry for your loss" it's really just something to say to avoid awkward silence. After a couple of months I think she should take the lead on any discussion at all about it. In the near term, just say something brief, but don't try to steer the conversation toward her husband.

    Depending on how well you know her you can ask if she is OK or something like that. If she says 'no' you can ask if there is anything you can do. But keep it brief and let her take the lead.

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