How to make a good comeback?

I am tired with all the racists and sexists idiots at my school, so this year I wanna be a smart ass. So I want help to make a good comeback/(and some advice) for the following,

"You know why Asian girls have small boobs? Because they only accept A's"
"Because your ugly-- Ha! JK!"
"Are you talking to me?"
"Your art looks terrible"
"Can you two shut up"
"Well you're the dumb one"
"I fucked your mom last night"
-any yo mama jokes-
"You look weird without glasses"
This is the shit, I have to live through at school.
If there's any that I missed feel free to add it in the comments as well, other than that... Thanks a lot!


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  • 1) You know why Asian girls have small boobs? Because they only accept A's"
    Just mention how with straught As you'll have a better future and how the other girls boobs will get more saggier with age

    2)"Because your ugly-- Ha! JK!"

    It's kinda hard without context, generally the best insults are ones that are true. So pick at their insecurities. So if an average or ugly person mentions one of your flaws then mention one of theirs.(could be appearance, voice personality, anything just make sure it true and noticable)

    If an attractive person insults you then tell them that they should enjoy their looks now because when they loose them Noone will want to be around them. Tell them that all they are is a pretty face with no value, just something that's fun to look at with no other value other than aesthetics.

    3)"Are you talking to me?"

    4)"Your art looks terrible"
    So does your face but I was classy enough not to say anything

    "I fucked your mom last night"
    yeah she said it was an underwhelming experience

    The most important thing with any comeback is to not show pain. As in don't let them know that their insults hurt you. Act as if they are insignificant and that their opinions of you are worthless.


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  • Ooo I remember high school the land of the bullies.

    My best comebacks were looking at them like they were crazy and laughing at them while shaking my head and if they said anything I'd say "It's so funny because... Laughs... you look like that" I've said it to pretty girls before but it always got to them. They also would say something about "She has huge breasts because she's a slut" which I would respond "Ohh I didn't know you were checking me out... wow I feel... soooo I don't know this is amazing I never thought you were the type to like bigger tits!" (again would say it to the girls since they were the only ones to bully me) Just be really sarcastic about it and you shall survive!