Has this ever happened to anyone?

For example lets say you're talking to this guy and you guys are getting along fantastically and it seems like everything's smooth sailing. He tells you he likes you and you like him but than bam out of nowhere it's like he forgot your name your number where you live?

i had this really awesome guy friend and we liked each other for a little bit but now it's like he never texts me never calls me I don't know.. I did move states so i get it but has this ever happened to anyone? I still love the guy and if he was here I'd hangout with him but 😤😪😤😪
i just wish that when I liked a guy they'd fucking make an effort to talk to me and build our relationship. I feel like that's not a lot to ask for. My theory is he just lost feelings and he got over it because I live so far... :/ ugh


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  • Yeahh. Sorry that happened to you :/


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  • yes, that happens a lot.