After an interview, generally how long do I have to wait for an acceptance?

Is it usually two weeks or a few days? And if the last thing they said was that they're going to be reviewing the cadidates on the next day after your interview day, is it a good sign, or are they politely telling me that I didn't get the job? And if they don't call me in two weeks, should I call them then or should I call them earlier? I did my interview fairly well in my opinion. The only thing I'm worried about was in the beginning, I seemed very nervous because that was my favourite store and I would really love working there. I think I gave them interesting answers that they seemed to like, but if I wasn't so shy in the beginning, I would've been more detailed and said more things. I just remember that after the interview, I felt good about it, so I'm hoping they liked me and my answers as well and my nervousness in the beginning didn't bother them too much. By the end of the interview, I was no longer so nervous anymore, but it was definitly obvious in the beginning :(

and yesterday was my interview day but I'm really anxious because I love the store and I'm really hoping to get in


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  • if they dont call you in a week you call them.

    • ohh okay. If I feel like I did a good job, do you think the interviewers thought similarly?