Why hasn't he texted back?

Talk to him everyday. Last night he said he would talk to me today. I texted him at like 2 and he never responded and then once more little while ago. he has not responded yet but has been on Facebook today. Why would he not answer. Maybe he's had a bad day or could be getting scared about things wih us? Little background he started flirting with me while back I went to visit him and he was amazing when I came home we have been taking everyday. We both are unsure of what this is but he's not ready for anything be he's been cheate son and doesn't trust people. Could he potentially be wanting to pursue the relationship further but maybe getting scared. I may be overthinking him not talking to me today like him having a bad day or something's bothering him. Why would a guy not respond when you talk everyday


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  • he might have gotten bored by now.